Lawrence V. Gulotta, M.D Orthopedic Surgeon

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Lawrence V. Gulotta, MDOrthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Lawrence V. Gulotta is an Associate Attending Orthopedic Surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery, specializing in shoulder surgery and sports medicine. He is also the Director of the Shoulder Fellowship. Dr. Gulotta's interests include arthroscopic & open surgery of the shoulder.

Sports Medicine Injuries

Pain in shoulders while playing sports such as tennis, basketball, or gymnastics may be due to a torn tendon or ligament in the shoulder. These may be caused by overuse or trauma while playing sports. These injuries may be treated with conservative treatment or may require surgical treatment.

Patient Testimonials

  • When cortisone injections failed to relieve the pain in my worn out right shoulder, I […]

    -Mark Glowatz
  • In 2001, I had my right knee replaced and in 2001, I had my left […]

    -Mary Tancredi
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